Constantin Film was kind enough to provide us with material of Tarzan 3D for use in our showreels. So there it is! :)

Animals United, the first feature film i have been working on, reached about 1,4 million visitors in Germany by the end of 2010. This is quite a success and i am really happy to be a part of it. Time will tell if the international numbers for the movie will be as impressive, but due to the great start in Germany i am quite confident.

I still cannot add any of the shots i animated to my showreel, but you can click here and watch the official trailers for the movie to get an impression of what i have been doing over the past 2.5 Years.

I have been working for a good four month on an unnanounced feature film Project at Ambient Entertainment in Hannover, Germany. Unfortunately i cannot be any more specific until the first trailer is officially released, but i think it is coming along greatly. As it is my first feature film project, i am quite excited about being able to be a part of it, but due to the nature of a project like that, it may take some time until i can show some of the stuff i am currently working on here.

Finally I managed to finish a new Design for my online portfolio.
There is also a new demoreel and new entries in the shot breakdown and my resume.

Demoreel and ShotBreakdown have been updated, Resume as well.

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.
Have a pleasant stay!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!